Well done Riley…

Here is what Rileys dad had to say about Marvin…

My family household was in complete chaos. Our (my wife and I) relationship with our son was at a breaking point.

Just after Christmas in 2018, a crisis point hit a flashpoint where our son left the household and went into foster care under the supervision of social services.

Being unable to to make contact with him was like a family bereavement. It was a very dark chapter without the promise of it getting any better.

Some months into this process Marvin Herbert contacted us.

Acting as a Mentor for our son, he would relay details of his welfare which was incredibly precious to us at the time.

Marvin has an insight into these scenarios of crisis. His personal experiences of the same situations give him the understanding to assist us.

Having been through the process my son was escalating to, Marvin was brilliant in guiding us. He offered a credible and tangible path to help vreate our son unto an upstanding member of society.

The school system failed us, saying that our son would not amount to anything or eligible for college.

Luckily this was not the case, Marvin invested in seeing our family getting back together. He proved that young individuals like our son deserve a chance. He helped us in getting him into college education, where he passed his exams with distinction. We could not have comprehended this initially.

We cannot thank Marvin enough. Our life-changing experience of losing our son is firmly in the past. He has helped in changing his path into something very much brighter.

John Tomsett

Let’s Make Things Happen

Marvin Herbert

Crime Prevention Activist

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