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Inspiring  Tomorrows Leaders

The Future Belongs To Those Who See Potential Today

Marvin Herbert
Crime Prevention Activist

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  • Crime Prevention

Reducing Re-Offending

Presentations in schools and prisons are a way Marvin can get through to the hardest to reach.

The aim is to reduce re-offending by motivating and inspiring the youth and adults alike to be the best they can be.

  • The Hardest To Reach

Improving Attendance

Behaviour & attendance in schools and PRU’s is becoming a bigger and bigger problem.

Marvin visits the schools and gives a presentation to the teens and teachers that will keep the students engaged and keep them coming back.

  • Teachers & Prison Officers

Bridging The Gap

Marvin’s goal is to bring students and teachers, and officers and offenders closer together.

The only way to live in a harmonious society is to come together and understand each other.

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We Work With Charities, Trusts and Councils To Reach As Many People As Possible.

Marvin and the team are looking forward to working with you and your establishment.

We are looking for new councils, trusts, and charities to work with so please do reach out.

Marvin Invited To 10 Downing Street

We Build Relationships

Bringing people closer together through positive open communication.

People Are Our Priority

Without the love and support and respect we have for each other this journey wouldn’t be possible.

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Don’t just believe us! listen to what 1 family had to say about Marvin and his techniques and how he changed Riley’s life for the better.

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Interaction Video Series

Online 1-2-1 Mentoring

Online Educational Course

Let’s Make Things Happen

Book Marvin to speak at your School, PRU, College, University, Prison. Don’t see what your looking for then reach out.

Want to learn more about Marvin’s services, then simply reach out using the contact form and one of our team will call you back and send you an information pack.

Team Marvin

The Marvin Herbert Ltd

Marvin Herbert
Crime Prevention Activist

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